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Landscape, nature and travel photography from Greece and abroad.

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Stone wall - Andros
31st of August

Andros island diversity

Two more images from Andros, the first one from the small creek at Dipotamata, in the Korthi region, and another one from the coastline in Korthi (you can tell it’s my favorite region in Andros!).
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24th of November

Rock formation patterns

If you have already browsed through my galleries, you may have noticed my love for the layering geological patterns created in rock formations. I am going through my images made at Andros, one of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean sea and I find myself repeatedly going back to my “rock” images, perhaps more than any other of my Andros island series.
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5th of October

Dawn at Old lady’s plummet beach, Andros

This is an image I made a few months ago at the famous beach “The Old Lady’s plummet” (or perhaps “The Old Lady’s leap”) (Της Γριάς το Πήδημα/Tis grias to pidima in Greek). The impressive rock emerging from the sea, is followed by an equally amazing story: during the Ottoman empire’s occupation of Greece, an old lady was forced by the Ottomans to open the doors to the castle looming over Korthi bay (and protecting the island) at the southern end of the island of Andros. Her qualms over helping the Ottomans occupy the castle, forced her to jump from the top of the hill, and this rock symbolizes her plummeting from the mountain to the sea. Amazing story, don’t you think (and it doesn’t matter that it can’t be true, does it)?


Old lady's leap at dawn - Andros

Old lady’s leap at dawn – Korthi, Andros, Cyclades, Greece, 2012


And an alternate version:

Old lady's leap at dawn alt - Andros

Old lady’s leap at dawn alt – Korthi, Andros, Cyclades, Greece, 2012