Lone tree, Stymfalia

Lone tree, Stymfalia

I have been pretty busy lately preparing images for my series of 2013 calendars. One of the images that was selected by my publisher is the following, from the banks of lake Stymfalia, in Peloponnese. The site is renowned for one of the Labors of Hercules, regarding the slaying of the Stymphalian birds. The whole area at Stymfalia evokes a strong sense of  history, as it is also the site of an important archaeological site. This tree drew my attention as it stood alone on the banks of the lake, and for some reason it felt like it was representing some sort the “Tree of life”. Weird, I know, but that’s how it felt!

Lone tree - Korinthia
Lone tree – Stymfalia, Korinthia, Peloponnese, Greece, 2010

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