Milos volcanic rock formations … in black-and-white

Milos volcanic rock formations … in black-and-white

Here’s a set of four images from the volcanic rock formations at Sarakiniko, Milos. All of them are in black-and-white, as I originally envisioned most of the images from this area. Trying to emphasize the organic forms of the rocks and the otherwordly feeling (a sense of mystery, maybe?) of the area. I’ve also included a composite of all four images together.

I made these images a couple of years ago and after post-processing it occurred to me that perhaps they would form a nice set for the 4X4 feature in the On Landscape Photography magazine. Well, it just happened that I submitted my set at a time when this feature was stopping! Bad timing!

A few weeks ago, after reading that this feature was coming back, I went ahead and re-submitted my set and this time, I got the news that my images will be published in issue 97. Grateful to be able to have this small contribution to what I feel is the pre-eminent landscape photography publication today!

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